11 Things You Absolutely Must Eat on Your Next Trip to Disney World

Try the Grey Stuff — it really is delicious.

disney world food

A map of all the Disney World food you need on your bucket list. Illustration by Michele Rosenthal

There’s a whole lotta food, some not worth your time. (This is not the place to get a cheesesteak.) These are the morsels worth skipping a ride for.

At the Magic Kingdom:

1. Dole Whip at Aloha Isle. The sweet-tart pineapple soft-serve is the iconic Disney dessert.

2. Fruit waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow. Put the emphasis on the fruit, and this hot waffle with chocolate hazelnut spread and fresh strawberries can pass for a healthy snack.

disney world food

A Dole Whip is one must-try Disney World food. Photograph by Kimberly Sneed of A Night Owl

3. Corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner. So much better than chicken nuggets.

4. Turkey legs at Liberty Square Market. Are people waiting in that line to get on It’s a Small World? Nope, they’re waiting for turkey legs.

5. The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest Restaurant. In a fun nod to Beauty and the Beast, the Master’s Cupcake is chocolate sponge cake piped with gray icing.

At Animal Kingdom:

6. Night Blossom at Pongu Pongu. An Avatar-inspired Insta-friendly slushie with vivid layers of apple and desert pear limeade, topped with a pile of passion-fruit boba balls.

A Night Blossom from Pongu Pongu. Photograph by Kimberly Sneed of A Night Owl

7. French fries with pulled pork and cheese at Flame Tree BBQ. This heaping plate of all the best junk foods is a thank-God-I’m-wearing-elastic-waist-pants meal.

At Epcot:

8. Croque Glacé at L’Artisan des Glaces, France. Scoops of gelato sandwiched in a warm brioche bun might be the classiest ice cream in all of Disney World.

9. Frozen margarita at Choza de Margarita, Mexico. Order this with all three flavors — mango, strawberry and lime — and don’t forget the side of mango-topped guac.

10. Caramel popcorn at Karamell-Küche, Germany. The heady aroma of freshly popped corn coated in warm Werther’s Original Caramel is pretty much the official smell of Germany.

At Hollywood Studios:

11. Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake at 50s Prime Time Cafe. Wash down a plate of Mom’s Old-Fashioned Pot Roast with one of these thick and creamy shakes.

Published as “The Best Bites at Disney” in the September 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.