8 Movies to Watch This Week

Take down the Heathers, get lost with David Lynch or see a martial arts classic.

International House is screening the digitally restored Dragon Inn.

International House is screening the digitally restored Dragon Inn.

Heathers @ Schmidt’s Commons | Thursday, August 25
Almost 30 years before Stranger Things, Winona Ryder was teaming up with Christian Slater to take down the Heathers. The outdoor screening is BYOC: Bring your own chair (or blanket).

Insee Thong @ PhilaMOCA | Thursday, August 25
For the closing night of the Southeast Asia’s Vanishing Movie Theaters exhibit, featuring photos by Philip Jablon, PhilaMOCA is screening 1970 Thai superhero movie Insee Thong (Golden Eagle). Jablon will be there selling vintage Thai movie posters.

Lost Highway @ CineMug | Thursday, August 25
In case you haven’t seen this 1997 film: It’s from David Lynch, so that should be all you need to know. Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, Robert Blake and Henry Rollins star.

Stroll the Street @ Manayunk | Thursday, August 25
On summer Thursdays, Manayunk sets up Stroll the Street, with sidewalk sales, food trucks and live music. Here’s where the movie part comes in: If you prefer an adults-only evening, drop the little ones (4 and up) at Kids At Play’s “Parents Night Out, Kids Night In,” where they’ll make crafts and eat animal-themed snacks while watching Zootopia.

Fantastic Planet @ Ritz at the Bourse | Friday, August 26
Next up in the Midnight Madness movie series is this 1973 animated sci-fi tale set on the planet Ygam, where blue giants keep humans as slaves.

The Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Project Premiere Screening @ Painted Bride | Friday, August 26
Local filmmakers created 22 original short films for this project, each written, made and edited in a mere 48 hours. The results are being screened at Painted Bride, with Q&A sessions and refreshments.

Dragon Inn @ International House | Saturday, August 27
See the influential Taiwanese martial arts movie Dragon Inn in a new digitally restored version made from the original negative.

Dementia 13 @ Lauren Hill Cemetery | Saturday, August 27
For the last Cinema in the Cemetery of the summer, Laurel Hill is going with Francis Ford Coppola’s 1963 horror flick that prompted someone to write this calm spoiler on IMDB: “What those remaining on the estate are unaware of is that the missing people have been hacked to death by an ax murderer.”

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