WATCH: The Time Questlove Threw a Party for Prince

Turns out: Prince preferred "Finding Nemo" to Fela Kuti.

If you’ve ever read his musical autobiography, Mo’ Meta Blues, you know Questlove is a heck of a storyteller. Well, he’s got a new story — about the time he threw a party for Prince — and it’s been turned into the animated short you see below.

AV Club sums up: “In the video, Questlove describes an eventful first date he had in Philadelphia with a young woman he’d only met once previously and whom he very much wanted to impress. And what could be more impressive than taking her and nine other people to a Prince show in a pink stretch Humvee with a hot tub in the back?” It gets better from there. Let’s just say this: Prince apparently preferred the DVD to Finding Nemo preferable to Questlove’s DJ skills. Ouch. But: Hilarious.