RJD2’s New Record Oozes “Sound of Philly” Soul

Listen to his new single, "Peace of What."

Photography by Nick Fancher

Photography by Nick Fancher

RJD2, the musician perhaps best-known for composing the Mad Men theme music, has a new album coming out, and it’s filled with Philly sounds.

Check out his new single, “Peace of What,” featuring Jordan Brown and see if you don’t get a Gamble and Huff vibe off it.

It’s from his next album, Dame Fortune, available in March — and was recorded, in part, during the musician’s time living in Philly.

“I didn’t have any cultural context for this music that I liked — it was just music that I had stumbled across as a beat making nerd,” RJD2 said in a statement posted at Flavorwire. “Philly was a place where there were enough people who had the same musical vocabulary that I did, which made the music more than something I had just discovered on my own.”

RJD2 plays Union Transfer in Philadelphia on May 28th.