FIDLAR at Union Transfer is #OpenInPHL

A hardcore antidote to the wallop of Catholicism we're getting this weekend.

Photo courtesy of BB Gun Press.

Photo courtesy of BB Gun Press.

The last time FIDLAR plowed through Philly was in May, when they were the penultimate act of a co-headlining tour with fellow punk rockers Metz at Union Transfer. The result? Absolute chaos. Everything about the night was the embodiment of an old-school punk show, complete with mosh pits, crowd surfing, jean jackets and spilled beer. Since that time, FIDLAR’s released their sophomore album, Too, unleashing an EP’s worth of songs to dance to—almost all of which are about lead singer and songwriter Zac Carper’s rehab and newfound sobriety, including lead single “40oz on Repeat.”

This Thursday night, the band will head back to the Union Transfer, but this time as the only headliner on the bill, with Dune Rats on opening duty. (The band’s Bandcamp describes them as “3 Hyperactive Stoner Cunts,” so they must be great.)

I know what you’re thinking: “This Thursday night? On the eve of the POPEACALYPSE? Are you crazy? I’m not leaving my freakin’ house.”

You’re probably not alone, and granted, Mayor Nutter’s advice was to treat the event like a massive winter storm. But considering you’re about to get a good dose of Catholicism this weekend, it might be a good idea to level it all out with a sinful punk band whose entire catalog consists of songs about doing (or having done) drugs.

FIDLAR hits Union Transfer on Thursday, September 24th at 10 pm.