Faces of the Fringe

Some of our favorite local talents and where to see them in this year's Fringe Festival.

The 19th annual Fringe Festival kicks off tonight and will run through September 19th with over 100 performances from international theater troupes and local art-scene movers and shakers alike. If that sounds a little overwhelming, you’re totally right. We take a stab at making your Fringe decision-making a little easier with a guide to the “curated shows” (the folks—many from outside Philly—who are getting paid to perform) and the “independents” (intrepid Philly artists who sign up to take part on their own dime.) Check out those guides here and here, respectively.

First, though, get to know some of our favorite local players at this year’s festival, and find out where you can see them performing over the next few weeks. Be sure to get your tickets fast. We’re not the only ones who love them.