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Jennifer Childs

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THEATER REVIEW: In 1812’s Happy Birthday — Couples, Uncouples, and Doors, Doors, Doors

A few years ago, actress and lifestyle authority Gwyneth Paltrow earnestly discussed marital problems, introducing much of the world to the eyebrow-raising term, “conscious uncoupling.” […]

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Q&A with Jen Childs, Mary Martello, and Monica Stephenson of The Carols

Since 1812 Productions began almost 20 years ago, the company mission has been comedy. Their holiday shows in particular are a beloved local tradition. Mostly […]

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“Songs for Syria” Was Inspired by Tragic Viral Photo

It was that photo of the boy — the bloodied boy sitting silently in an ambulance in Aleppo, sitting on a cheery orange seat. Joan Heider, […]

Jennifer Childs in I Will Not Go Gently - 1812 Productions
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Why 1812 Productions Is Putting on Spanish-Captioned Performance of I Will Not Go Gently

Fernando Mendez had done 5,000 words of translation, and it seemed like a lot. Then he looked at what was remaining in the text of […]

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Q&A: Jen Childs on I Will Not Go Gently

1812 Production’s newest production, I Will Not Go Gently, features Jen Childs as a washed-up British rock star, Sierra Mist, seeking a return to stardom. Between settling in the ’burbs, adjusting to […]

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REVIEW: 1812 Productions’ This Is the Week That Is

It could hardly be a more difficult time to open a comedy — even one as popular as This Is the Week That Is, 1812 […]

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Faces of the Fringe

The 19th annual Fringe Festival kicks off tonight and will run through September 19th with over 100 performances from international theater troupes and local art-scene movers […]

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Over 120 Shows Announced for Neighborhood Fringe 2014

FringeArts has announced the lineup for the 2014 Neighborhood Fringe: over 120 independently produced productions by both new and established artists to take place in an array of […]