Tyler Perry Coming to Philly as Madea


Girl, get your finest wig and your biggest church hat: Tyler Perry himself will be coming to Philadelphia in November to play his iconic alter ego, Madea, for 9 performances only.

The show, Madea on the Run, will play the Merriam Theatre from November 10th through the 15th. The play is pretty much a take on everything you know about the franchise, described as follows:

Madea, the age-old brash matriarch is in trouble (again) with the local authorities. She takes refuge with the long-time friend Bam who is recovering from hip surgery. Whereas Madea is only pretending to be a ‘Florence Nightingale’ to Bam, she is actually using Bam’s place to hide from the authorities. Intriguing lessons are learned and taught and will leave you spell-bounded in deep thoughts! And of course, there is always an element of surprise!

Joining Tyler Perry is Cassie Davis, who has appeared in numerous TV, stage, and film versions of the Madea enterprise. Tickets are currently on sale through the Kimmel Center. For more information, click here. And, yes, there’s a hashtag for the show: You can chat about Madea on social media using #MadeaOnTheRun.