5 Questions for Reading-Raised Magician Wayne Hoffman

Hoffman, who appeared on the current season of America’s Got Talent, performs at the Trump Taj Mahal through August 30th.

Name your biggest magical influence.
Growing up, the only guy on the scene really was David Copperfield. I saw him on TV, and he gave me a glimmer of hope that one day I could travel the world and freak people out.

Will you make the Statue of Liberty disappear at the Taj?
Most of the show is geared toward mentalism and psychological stunts. You’re not going to see cliché illusions like women floating or being sawn in half.

Pick your best trick. 
I do a routine where I drink a can of Coke throughout the entire show, and at the end, I crush it. Then I take the dents out simply by staring at it. Then the can reseals itself and refills. I make it cold again and crack it open, giving it to the audience to drink.

What’s the furthest-away place you’ve performed?
Probably Japan. As the saying goes, I’m big in Japan.

Which city’s bad rap is more undeserved, Atlantic City’s or your hometown?
That’s tough. They both get a worse rap than they deserve. And both are on the upswing. I love both cities too much to throw one under the bus.

Catch Wayne Hoffman in “Mind Candy,” showing now through August 30th at the Trump Taj Mahal. Tickets here