Prince Theater Updates Marquee to Reflect Name and Logo Change

The Prince Music Theater hasn’t been the “Prince Music Theater” since Philadelphia Film Society purchased it in March and changed the name to a simple and straight-forward Prince Theater. The name, they’ve said, better reflects the mission of the theater, which has been hosting much more than music-centric events since its new programming schedule kicked off this spring. Most importantly, though, they want people to recognize it as a movie theater—the only place in Center City where you can catch a mainstream flick, like Disney’s Tomorrowland or, more recently, Inside Out.

It’s been hard to adapt to the name-change, since it’s been called Prince Music Theater for years, but this week, the alteration finally became official with the incorporation of a new logo on its marquee that puts the new name in lights and better exemplifies their further-reaching mission. @ThePrincePFS tweeted out a photo of it this week. Check it out below:

Just for perspective’s sake, here’s what the old one looked like. It was installed in 1999:

Pretty subtle change, huh? A rep from Philly Film Society tells me they “took the black and deep yellow of the original Prince logo and the filmstrip from the Philadelphia Film Society logo and merged them, losing the “music” as the middle name.” Easy, breezy!

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