Tracy Morgan Back Behind the Wheel—In a Lamborghini, No Less

The past few Tracy Morgan headlines I’ve written, thankfully, have been a lot rosier than the ones I was having to write a year ago when he was involved in a serious car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. Not long after, we were mainly hearing about the head trauma he suffered, and how he may never work again. Lately, though, it’s been mostly good news. Wal-Mart, the company in charge of the transfer truck that hit him, settled with Morgan in court in a way that seemed to please the former 30 Rock star, and there’s even been some gossip that he’ll actually appear in TV and movies again.

Before all that happens, though, Morgan was snapped riding in style in a Lamborghini on 5th Avenue in New York City. What says “I’m doing just fine, thank you” better than that? According to TMZ, “Steve Lacy, the anchor at Fox 5 in New York, took the pic. He says he first noticed the Lambo, and was floored when he saw who was behind the wheel. Steve says he asked Tracy how he was doing and the comedian said he was good and flashed the peace sign. Lacy says Morgan ‘was just like the Tracy we knew.'”