Questlove Knows Why Kanye Ignored Amy Schumer’s Red Carpet Stunt

TMZ caught up with Questlove this week, and the Philly drummer explained to them why Kanye West gave Amy Schumer the cold shoulder when she pretended to fall in front of him this week at Time’s 100 Most Influential People Gala.

According to Questlove, who’s friends with Schumer and West, Kanye didn’t even know who Schumer was, because “she’s still bubbling under. People are still trying to differentiate her from Meghan Trainor. … Most people still don’t know the magic of Amy Schumer.”

The interviewer wasn’t totally buying it. He asked Questlove if perhaps Kanye was jealous because he was getting out-trolled in front of all those cameras: “He’s a cat who gets trolled 24-7; he’s always on guard,” Questlove says. “He’s the No. 1 troller, but she out-trolled him. I thought it was troll of the century.”

See the interview in the clip above.