2015 Grammy Awards Recap: The Good, The Bad, and the Extremely Ugly

Gaga and Annie Lennox wowed, Sam Smith won everything and Sia looked like a Muppet.

Madonna looked like a hooker and Lady Gaga was best dressed (no, she wasn’t wearing a gown made of meat). Annie Lennox essentially owned the night and Kim Kardashian donned something that looked like she pulled it out of a Best Western closet and Bedazzeled it. Yes, this all sounds like an alternative universe, but it pretty much captures the 2015 Grammy Awards on Sunday evening. Sure, there were dozens of performances, but, let’s be honest: Who watches the Grammys for the music? Below you’ll find our picks for the evening’s most memorable moments, including the Material Girl’s assless outfit and a certain celebrity who looked like a defunct Muppet. 


Lady Gaga’s Red Carpet Look: She looked absolutely stunning, and no meat dress! Congrats on her Grammy win with Tony Bennett for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album! Their performance was captivating.

Thank you @brandonvmaxwell for my beautiful dress! I felt so sexy!

Sam Smith Winning, Like, Everything: He was so humble and adorable throughout the ceremony. His best acceptance speech quote of the evening?: “It was only until I started being myself did the music start to flow and people start to listen.”

Hozier and Annie Lennox Absolutely Took Us to Church: Oh, hell yes. That duet was everything, and Annie gave the best performance of the evening. Frank Bruni tweeted it best: “If Annie Lennox were a religion, I’d go to church daily.”


That Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani Duet: Even Neil Patrick Harris was impressed…


“Who Is Beck” Was Trending After He Won:

Sia Looking Like A Muppet: I mean, seriously…

Shia LeBeouf Reading Some Crazy Crap Off a Purple Paper to Introduce Sia:

Iggy Azalea Looking Like Challah Bread: Side note—I have a really good recipe for challah French toast (or is that Australian toast?).

That Really Awkward Jessie J. and Tom Jones Duet: I felt dirty watching it…and, um, what was that dress?

[HD] Jessie J & Tom Jones – You’ve Lost That… by IdolxMuzic

This Katie Perry Cover Girl Commercial That Played a Million Times:


Madonna’s Givenchy Wardrobe: Madonna’s iCalendar malfunctioned and told her that it was the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Oh, and her ass was completely showing from behind, too.

Kim Kardashian in a Nightgown: 


Miley Cyrus Sounding Like She Was 50 Years Old and a Chain Smoker When She Introduced Madonna: 

This Twitter of Images of Rihanna’s Dress Sums It Up Nicely:



Kanye Attempted a Repeat Performance of His Taylor Swift Bull When Beck Won: You can see him try to jump the stage in the short clip below.