Paris Hilton’s $13,000 Dog Purchase Could Have Bought 315 Books for Philadelphia School Students

Paris Hilton (via Shutterstock)

Paris Hilton (via Shutterstock)

Last week, our own Victor Fiorillo reported on a crowdfunding campaign being conducted by a AP History teacher at Philadelphia High School for Girls to purchase books for the cash-starved district. We’ve been told the teacher, Mr. Mark Hoey, has reached his goal via the generosity of strangers on the internet.

But what if Paris Hilton helped?

She certain could have. This weekend, TMZ reported that the famous-for-nothing celebrity purchased “the world’s smallest Pomeranian” and named him Mr. Awesome. The cost? A mere $13,000.

So what if Ms. Hilton decided to help fund this particular crowdfunding campaign? We did the math: with each textbook costing $41.23, Paris could have purchased over 315 books for the students.

Although Mr. Hoey’s students are now situated with their books, there are plenty of other schools in the region that need help. Check out this link that lists out other crowdfunding campaigns in the Philly region.

And if you donate, you’ll be the real Mr. Awesome.