Katy Perry Climbed the Art Museum Steps in a Pizza Hoodie Last Night, Philly Twitter Roared

(Editor’s Note: Ticket editor Josh Middleton has designated this entry one of the blog’s top posts for 2014.)

Pop star Katy Perry finished up her two-night Philly concert romp last night at Wells Fargo Center, but she didn’t leave town before doing what all our visitors have to do when in Philadelphia: Climb the “Rocky steps.”

Evidently the adventure started with a promise at her show that she made good on. Jaime Margulies tweeted: “Katy Perry made a joke about Rocky and going to the art museum steps after her show and than she literally did. Huh?? What?? Is she real??”

Then, apparently, she sort of name-dropped a few other Philly landmarks:

But it was the Rocky steps that won over. As you can imagine, she didn’t get a chance to climb them without a throng of tourists who tweeted and Instgrammed the hell out of her special Philly encore.

Then the photos of the singer, who showed up dressed appropriately in a silk pizza hoodie:

This lady got all kinds of photos:

And it all ended with this sweet little tweet from Perry: