Franklin Institute Explains How “Your Brain” Ticks in New Exhibit

New large-scale interactive exhibit delves into the workings of the human brain

Franklin-Neural Climb-edited

The newest addition to the Franklin Institute aims to challenge and explain the way we experience the world around us. Set to open in June, the 53,000-square-foot “Your Brain” exhibit is slated to be the largest of its kind in the country dedicated to our noggin. Complete with an 18-foot climbable wall of neural webbing, the exhibit aims to turn the complexities of the brain and nervous system into a fun and educational experience for visitors young and old.

Inside the interactive — sometimes trippy — space, visitors will gain a clearer picture about why we think the way we do. Perception will be challenged in angled and upside-down rooms, and through distorted audio and visuals with “missing colors.” Optical illusions will demonstrate how manipulating objects can trick the mind. In one section, guests will walk along a tiny hallway splashed with images meant to evoke joy, fear, or anxiety, shining light on how the brain influences mood.

The space also includes a learning center and additional area for traveling exhibits, including the upcoming “Circus: Science Under the Big Top” and “101 Inventions That Changed the World.” The whole shebang will open to the public on June 14th. For more information, go here.