PHOTOS: First Look at Outdoor Installation Along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor

A while back we told you about “psychylustro,” a major project by Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse and Mural Arts that seeks to decorate Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor railway with enormous, colorful artworks. In the end, there will be seven vibrant installations in various locations between 30th Street and North Philadelphia stations, showing up on everything from warehouse walls and small buildings to patches of open green space.

So far there are three sites completed, sites 5, 6, and 7 on this map. The stunning complete works run the gamut from a hot pink chain-link fence to a warehouse that looks like a giant creamsicle, all splashed with orange and white paint. They’re really quite stunning. Check out some photos from the Mural Arts Project here:

The remainder of the installations will be completed by May 17. After that, the works will remain in tact until the weather slowly wears them away. Stay tuned to Ticket for more.