Bradley Cooper Rumored to Be the Next Indiana Jones

After Disney bought the Indiana Jones franchise in December, it’s no surprise that talks are starting to circulate about making a fifth installment of the classic Harrison Ford vehicle. But Ford — now approaching 71 — may or may not take up the lead role this time around. Latino Review — who correctly reported Cooper’s casting in Guardians of the Galaxy — says it just might be Bradley Cooper:

Our ever reliable sources (same folks who told us about Rocket Raccoon) are informing us that while Harrison Ford might still play Indiana Jones in the next film of the franchise, the window of making that happen is getting smaller and smaller.

There is a date and if Indiana Jones 5 is not moving forward by then, the studios are 100% prepared to recast a younger Dr. Jones and ready up a new trilogy.

Let’s be realistic, Harrison is not the box office draw he once was and he is only getting older.

Don’t think of it as a reboot but just recasting the same way the James Bond (Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig) movies have been doing for the better part of five decades.

And who just might be one of the actors that the studio is looking at ? The word is that they are looking at several but Bradley Cooper is at the top of the list.

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