DO THIS: The Great Bullshit Debate


Arm-chair philosophers, master debaters and undergrads who may use the word “performative” a bit too much unite for The Philly Pigeon and Team Sunshine‘s interactive debate, The Society of Civil Discourse. Combining performance with participation, intellectualism with inanity, and debating with dating, think of the event as a variety show you star in, or maybe an impromptu dissertation at speed-dating night.

The “interactive debate/appreciation/bullshitting” event happens in two phases: Phase One begins with a brief induction ceremony, then participants can visit the four facilitated talking stations (and mingle and get drinks.) These free-roaming stations allow guest debaters to wax philosophic on things they love and hate, and meet fellow experts who may or may not have made-up passions. In Phase Two, professional performers and audience members form teams to compete in five rounds of debate, with topics chosen by the audience. This round will include personal testimonies that, again, could or could not be fake, miming, and a rambling of fake statistics.

The event takes place Thursday, March 20th, 7 p.m., at Underground Arts, 1200 Callowill Street. Tickets ($10 advance, $13 at door) are on sale here