Philly’s Kevin Hart Has the No. 1 Movie in America

Let the year of Kevin Hart begin.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in a scene from Ride Along.

Grantland reports that Ride Along, Philly comedian Kevin Hart’s movie with Ice Cube, is No. 1 in the country: “Two records for Ride Along, right off the bat: biggest January weekend, edging out Cloverfield’s $40.1 million, and highest-grossing original comedy debut since Ted hit in June 2012. Per Box Office Mojo, the viewership breakdown was “57 percent female, and 54 percent over the age of 25. The ethnic breakdown was 50 percent African American, 30 percent Hispanic, and 12 percent Caucasian.” So there’s another little piece of data to gesture toward the next time an influential Hollywood exec assumes all movies should always be geared toward white men. More on Kevin Hart, though: He has at least three more movies coming this year, and a sequel to Ride Along has been in development since April 2013.” We’ve been saying it awhile now, but it’s true: This is the year of Kevin Hart.