HughE Dillon: Snapshots of Design Philadelphia 2012

From Old City to North Broad, the city celebrates the world of design.

During the city’s 8th annual Design Philadelphia, more than 120 events were held over five days—including lectures, exhibits and workshops. On Friday night, I went to Scarlett Alley in Old City, where owners Liz Scarlett and Gary Krause hosted a Nora Kogan Jewelry Trunk Show.

Below: Nora Kogan discusses her jewelry line with Melissa Mytty and Alison Mustokoff. Kogan is a Brooklyn designer known for costume pieces like the surrealist-inspired Man Ray lip cuffs favored by fashion insiders like style blogger Garance Doré, who was just here over the weekend with her boyfriend, the Sartorialist. Kogan’s popular line has been sold at Scarlett Alley for several years, right next to local jewelry designer John Winds. Mytty, an artist formerly from Manhattan, is currently part of the Philadelphia Clay Studio’s resident artist program. She loves Philadelphia and tells me it’s just like NYC 15 years ago, on the edge of great things, a solid community of artists, and affordable.

Below: Gary Krause helps Gloria Bennett, as daughter Jaime Bennett looks on. Jaime is getting married in February 2013 and has a bridal registry at the store. She has her gown with her, as she was checking out tiaras that would look nice with it. You might recognize Jaime; she has a very popular dog-walking service in Center City called Happy Tails.

Below: I ran into Ros and Pam Riffi from Richmond, Virginia. They were in town to celebrate their anniversary and were planning to visit the Art Museum, as well as the Barnes Foundation. Interestingly, they booked their visit to the Barnes the previous day because there was a cancellation. That’s good to know for all of you who have been on the waiting list. Pam tells me that she is a longtime customer of Scarlett Alley through their online store. She had never physically been in the store and was excited about all the new items like this cute gnome.

Below: Claudia Bando and Ettore Mastroddi. Ettore’s been absent from the social scene for a bit, but you can find him at Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon inside the Ritz-Carlton. He and Claudia were off to wander around Old City for the many events that were happening that night in conjunction with Design Philly. First stop, Minima on Third Street, I heard him mention to her as they left the store.

On the final day of Design Philly, I checked out Calderwood Gallery (631 North Broad Street) for their opening exhibition, “Come On—50 Years of the Rolling Stones,” with original photo portraits and performance photographs of one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands ever, the Rolling Stones. The Gallery’s showroom, on the hotter-than-hot 600 North Broad block across from Osteria and Route 6, is gorgeous and laid out on one level. Below: Janet and Gary Calderwood, with Marilou Regan, author of Love You Live, Rolling Stones: Fanfare From the Common Fan.

Below: Enjoying the day out, huge Rolling Stones fan Artur Kirsh, with Tonia Day and Gabrielle Kirsh. Kirsh tells me that his favorite song is “Sympathy for the Devil.” Day’s not a big Stones fan, but picked up a concert t-shirt just the same; they’re on sale along with all the original prints in the exhibition.

Below: Larry Flick, chairman and CEO at Prudential Fox & Roach, and Robin Sanet are huge fans, having seen the group in many concerts. Flick’s favorite tunes are “Satisfaction,” and “Sympathy for the Devil,” while Sanet loves “Paint it Black.” The pair are huge fans of Keith Richards and picked up a nice portrait of him.

Below: Susan Stapler and Harriet Lessey noted that “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” is a favorite Rolling Stones tune, but it wasn’t a reflection of their very successful careers.

Below: Donald Carter is a huge fan of the Rolling Stones, and of the Calderwood Gallery. Not surprisingly, his favorite song from the group is “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” and if you know Donald, you know why. He’s very inquisitive. The Rolling Stones announced the first concerts for their 50th anniversary tour this week, and although they aren’t scheduled to come to Philly, you can still enjoy a little Stones nostalgia at Calderwood Gallery until December 1st. Plus, on November 10th, they hope to have the pay-per-view live feed of the first-ever movie made about the band, Charlie Is My Darling, on November 10th.