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Trevor Noah and the Never-Ending Cycle of Twitter Shame

The thing about people is that they’re fallible; they do bad things, both intentionally and unintentionally. As we were all taught as children, people make […]

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Why Trevor Noah is the Best Person to Replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Comedy Central finally released the name of Jon Stewart’s replacement on The Daily Show, and the announcement was met with a resounding “who?” Trevor Noah, […]

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WATCH: Jon Stewart Bashes Christie Over Exxon Settlement

Looks like Jon Stewart’s not too happy with New Jersey’s settlement of the Exxon case:

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POLL: America Wants Tina Fey to Replace Jon Stewart On the Daily Show

We suggested it before, but now a Quinnipiac University poll is backing us up: America wants Tina Fey to replace Jon Stewart when he steps down from […]

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5 Women Who Would Kick Ass As Jon Stewart’s Replacement on The Daily Show

It’s time for a woman in late night, and the slot Jon Stewart just announced he was leaving vacant on The Daily Show would be […]

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14 Great Philadelphia Clips from The Daily Show

There has been a lot of shakeup in late-night television recently, and now we have another change: Jon Stewart announced yesterday he will leave The Daily […]

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Jon Stewart Is Leaving the Daily Show at the Right Time

For his own sanity — and, perhaps, for ours — Jon Stewart couldn’t have picked a better time to announce he’ll be stepping away from […]

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Stephen Colbert to Debut on The Late Show in September

CBS announced today that Stephen Colbert will take over David Letterman’s spot on The Late Show starting September 8th—that’s a good 3-plus months after Letterman […]

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WATCH: Jon Stewart Mock Chris Christie’s Handling of Ebola

Jon Stewart isn’t impressed with Gov. Chris Christie’s handling of the Ebola crisis. Sample line: “I’ve got your altruism right heeeeere.” May not be safe […]


Jon Stewart, Cheesesteaks And The Phillies Shake Shack Debacle

Over on the Philadelphia magazine news blog, they’re talking about Ryne Sandberg‘s claim that he got food poisoning from eating at Shake Shack in New […]


Morning Headlines: Realtors and Architects Excluded From Yesterday’s Elections

Election results and the legalization of gay marriage have basically taken most of the headlines today, but let’s see what we can dig up on […]

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Jon Stewart Slams Philly, Cheesesteaks, Art Museum, Phanatic

Jon Stewart didn’t take well to Ryne Sandberg’s report he’d received food poisoning from Shake Shack during a series against Stewart’s Mets, leading to Stewart’s […]

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Viewers Wanted Tina Fey, Not Colbert, for Late Show

Last week CBS dropped a bomb on us when it announced out of the blue that Stephen Colbert will take over for David Letterman when […]

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How Will the Real Stephen Colbert Play on The Late Show?

Dear Stephen (May I call you Stephen?), Yesterday’s sudden announcement that you’re leaving The Colbert Report to replace David Letterman on The Late Show left me reeling. […]