POLL: America Wants Tina Fey to Replace Jon Stewart On the Daily Show

Dennis Miller a close second.



We suggested it before, but now a Quinnipiac University poll is backing us up: America wants Tina Fey to replace Jon Stewart when he steps down from his hosting gig on the Daily Show.

To come up with their answer, Quinnipiac surveyed 1,286 registered voters in the United States. The results:

For 19 percent of voters, Tina Fey is the top choice to replace Jon Stewart, with 16 percent for Dennis Miller, 8 percent for John Oliver, 7 percent each for Brian Williams and Craig Ferguson and 5 percent for Chelsea Handler.

Qunnipiac broke down the results according to gender and, while Fey still came out overall winner, it’s worth mentioning there was variation when it came to male and female voters.

There are gender and age gaps. Fey tops Miller 23 – 12 percent among women, while men go to Miller 21 – 15 percent. Voters 18 to 34 years old go 27 percent for Fey, 12 percent for Oliver, 10 percent for Handler and 9 percent each for Ferguson and Miller. Older voters are divided between Fey and Miller.

Fey hasn’t spoken up much about whether or not she’d want the job, but my guess is she wouldn’t have time. She’s currently riding high on the rave reviews on her brand new Netflix comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and she has tons of other projects in the works, not to mention the much-talked-about big-screen reunion with Amy Poehler in Sisters. Though there’s nothing wrong with keeping our fingers crossed.