Viewers Wanted Tina Fey, Not Colbert, for Late Show

Last week CBS dropped a bomb on us when it announced out of the blue that Stephen Colbert will take over for David Letterman when he leaves the Late Show in 2015. Not a terrible choice (though we will miss our Colbert Report), but, if you believe a new set of stats from Keyhole, he wouldn’t have been the first choice of viewers. They wanted Tina Fey.

Keyhole, which collects data through #hashtag tracking, came up with these nifty charts showing how overwhelmingly more popular Fey was for the job. The first is a comment cloud:

commentcloud tina fey colbert

Keyhole also put together this easier-to-read bar graph, which pretty much drives the point home:

barchart tina fey colbert

Pretty solid results — if you trust hashtag polls. And we’ve decided we do on this one.

Source: FanSided