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Tenaya Darlington

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Tria Hires New Chef Talent and Philly’s Cheese Queen

Tria, Philly’s destination for cheese, beer, and wine, has had a rough couple of years. Their foray into more restaurant-style fare, Tria Fitler Square, closed in summer 2017 […]


Madame Fromage Invites You to The Cheese Ball

On Sunday October 30th, Tenaya Darlington (also known as Madame Fromage) is hosting The Cheese Ball at Ruba Club. Guests will have the opportunity to […]


Pickled Heron and Tenaya Darlington Host Rosé Dinner

On Sunday, August 28th, cheese guru and author Tenaya Darlington will be hosting a ricotta and rosé dinner party at the Pickled Heron on Frankford […]


Pay Homage to Fromage at the Twisted Tail with Tenaya Darlington

Love cheese? Well, on Sunday, May 1, George Reilly of the Twisted Tail will be hosting a cheese and cocktail tasting with food writer and cheese […]


Beer And Cheese Night At Grey Lodge

Everyone in Philadelphia loves Scoats, the owner of the Grey Lodge Pub, and everyone in the world loves cheese. So, other than craft beer and […]


High Street Doing More Friends And Family Dinners (Plus Bonus Night Market News)

Okay, so at a certain point someone is going to have to go after chef Eli Kulp with a tranquilizer gun just to get him […]


Coffee & Cheese Pairing Tonight in Old City

  How’s about a ménage-à-quatre for your Friday evening. Just you, some coffee, some cheese, and some beer. The four of you, together at last. It’s A […]


Your Recommended Daily Allowance of Beauty: In Deep Autumn

We write a lot about chef collaboration dinners. About collaborations between kitchens and brewers or makers and purveyors. What we don’t write about so often […]