High Street Doing More Friends And Family Dinners (Plus Bonus Night Market News)


Okay, so at a certain point someone is going to have to go after chef Eli Kulp with a tranquilizer gun just to get him to slow down a little. He already has like nine different menus working between Fork and High Street on Market, he’s overseeing A.Kitchen and A.Bar and doing events like Franklin Flea and Taste of the Nation. But that’s apparently not enough for him. Because he also does special Friends and Family dinners on Tuesday nights at High Street, which are continuing throughout the spring.

For example, on Tuesday, April 22 he’ll be doing a dinner with Phickle’s Amanda Feifer which will continue their Fermentation Series celebrating all things fermented–from coffee and chocolate to cheese and yogurt, beer and wine to pickles and kim chi. (Other dates include Tuesday, May 13 and Tuesday, June 17.) And on Tuesday, May 6, it’ll be a cheese dinner with Valley Shepherd Creamery, with cheesemaker Jaenine Dargis and some of her 30+ Basque-influenced cheeses. All the dinners start at 9pm and are just $25 per person (plus booze, tax and tip).

On Thursday, May 15, Eli and his crew will be on hand for the Old City Night Market–which should be interesting for a lot of reasons, but mostly to see how Kulp (who is a bit more accustomed to the controlled, fine-dining side of the restaurant world) handles knocking out high-volume street food for a crowd of 20,000. And beginning in June, the High Street team will be collaborating with Tenaya Darlington (aka Madame Formage) to do a series called the Full Moon Farm Dinner series which will take them to a different regional farm (like Meadowset Farm & Apiary, Cherry Grove Farm and Birchrun Hills Farm) for a dinner on every night that there’s a full moon.

Because, really… Who needs sleep, right?

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