Beer And Cheese Night At Grey Lodge

They're working their way through every cheese in the House Of Cheese book, one Sunday at a time.

Everyone in Philadelphia loves Scoats, the owner of the Grey Lodge Pub, and everyone in the world loves cheese. So, other than craft beer and crabs, there’s not a much better combination happening this weekend than the upcoming installment of Scoats’ weekly Sunday Night Special: Beer & Cheese Pairing.

See, it happened like this. For Christmas, Scoats’ wife bought him a copy of local writer Tenaya Darlington’s book, Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese: A Guide to Wedges, Recipes, and Pairings. And Scoatsie, being the food and beverage professional that he is, was elated. So he decided that he’d work his way through every cheese in the book. But probably because he wanted a tax write-off and can smell a delightfully cheesy promotion from 169 pages away, he set about to do it at the bar with his friends instead of gnawing on a block while standing in the open refrigerator door after a late night shift.

What that means for little beer-drinking mice is that every Sunday starting at 5pm, Scoats sells one cheese picked (out of order) from the book and pairs it with a special beer for one set price. His chef and cheese mongers from DiBruno’s help him select the pairings, which he lists here.

169 artisan cheeses, 169 awesome beers. Smile and say cheese.

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