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City Life

8 Times City Hall Tried to Kill Fun

There’s nothing like a group of municipal lawmakers to ruin a good time, and the good folks over at Philadelphia’s City Hall seem to be […]

love park
City Life

Why Chunks of LOVE Park Are Being Shipped to Sweden

Apparently, Sweden knows a good thing when it sees it – even if Philly destroys that thing, which, in this case, is LOVE Park (as skateboarders know […]

City Life

WATCH: That Time Ed Bacon Skateboarded Across LOVE Park

On Friday I wrote about how skateboarders turned LOVE Park into a great public place. The park is now being overhauled with a new design, […]

City Life

A Farewell: LOVE Park, Skateboard Mecca

In some ways, it seemed like a mean joke. Jim Kenney’s announcement that skateboarding was legal at LOVE Park was a great idea. It was […]


It’s Now Legal to Skateboard at LOVE Park (For a Few Days)

LOVE Park is slated for a a major redesign, and today is the groundbreaking. And today, Mayor Jim Kenney made a major announcement: At the LOVE […]

Things to Do

Skateable Sculptures Installed at Paine’s Skatepark

This afternoon, Mural Arts dedicated a couple new skateable sculptures at Franklin’s Paine Skatepark. The pieces, created by Berlin-based artist Jonathan Monk, are called Steps […]

City Life

Police: Foot Fetishist May Be Targeting Children at Paine’s Skatepark

Paine’s Skatepark is a skateboarding park set next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art along the Schuylkill River. Naturally, the two-year-old facility is popular with […]

Things to Do

Paine’s Park to Host Philly’s First Skate Festival This Weekend

On Saturday, skaters will be flipping and grinding at Paine’s Park — like they do every weekend. This will be special though, as this weekend the […]


Second Suspect Arrested in Beating of Ranger at LOVE Park

Philadelphia police have now arrested two suspects in the videotaped beating of a park ranger at JFK Plaza (aka LOVE Park) on Friday evening. Police […]