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Seth Williams, Lynne Abraham Still Feuding

The Daily News reports that former D.A. Lynne Abraham and current D.A. Seth Williams apparently haven’t smoothed over their rocky relationship. Williams’ remarks about the […]

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Church Official’s Lawyer: Seth Williams “Unprofessional”

The lawyer for Monsignor William J. Lynn, the former Archdiocese of Philadelphia official currently free on bail after his landmark 2012 conviction on child endangerment […]

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Assistant D.A. Charged in “Soap Opera” Case

Assistant D.A. Lynn Nichols, who works in the homicide division, has been charged with two crimes–obstruction of justice and false reporting of a crime–and has […]

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James Dennis Murder Conviction Overturned After 21 Years; Read the Judge’s Ruling Here

6ABC reports: A federal judge has overturned the conviction of a man who’s been on death row for the past 21 years, finding that his […]

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Another Letter Seth Williams Doesn’t Want You to See

After I published excerpts from this anonymous anti-Seth Williams letter that was sent to employees of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, I found out about […]

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The Letter Seth Williams Doesn’t Want His Employees to See [UPDATED]

Recently, sources inside the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office have been buzzing about a letter that was sent to many of the office’s employees by some […]

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So Seth Williams Wasn’t Paying His Gas Bill Either

First Nutter, now D.A. Seth Williams. Who will be the next high-profile public official not to pay his or her gas bill? Given his proclivity […]

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Seth Williams Convenes Grand Jury to Investigate Building Collapse

District Attorney Seth Williams announced today that a grand jury is being convened to investigate the Market Street building collapse that killed six and injured […]


DA Seth Williams: “Philadelphians Have No Shortage of Opinions” [UPDATED]

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams is giving a press conference announcing that a grand jury will be convened to “investigate any and all aspects that […]

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White Former ADA Sues Seth Williams for Racial Discrimination

MK Feeney was once an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia with a promising career. Hired in 1996 by then-District Attorney Lynne Abraham, Feeney successfully prosecuted […]

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If You Fake A SEPTA Injury, Seth Williams Will Hunt You Down

Be on notice: If you try to make money by faking an injury on SEPTA, D.A. Seth Williams will hunt you down. The Pennsylvania Record […]

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Inquirer Declines to Run Massive Ad Defending Catholic Church Sex Abusers

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is calling them the “Twin Philly Scandals.” Scandal #1: The District Attorney’s shameful persecution of four members […]

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Philly Has Its Very Own Crime-Fighting Cory Booker

Finally, in the form of District Attorney Seth Williams, Philadelphia has its very own vigilante crime-stopping Cory Booker doppelganger: Williams was driving along the 500 […]

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D.A. Seth Williams Blasts Nutter Over Budget

Just going to prove that no budget news is good news these days, both the local and federal court systems in Philadelphia are facing problems […]

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Major New Gun Law Could be Coming to Philadelphia

If D.A. Seth Williams gets the support he needs in Harrisburg, a new state law will bring a mandatory 2-year prison sentence to anyone carrying […]