Philly Has Its Very Own Crime-Fighting Cory Booker

Finally, in the form of District Attorney Seth Williams, Philadelphia has its very own vigilante crime-stopping Cory Booker doppelganger:

Williams was driving along the 500 block of North 63rd Street in West Philadelphia Sunday evening when a car zoomed past in the wrong lane, according to his office. District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson says the DA’s security detail took chase and attempted to stop the car, but the driver, identified as Chanae Morris, continued to speed along the road.

The driver, 24-year-old Chanae Morris, proceeded to crash into another car. The DA’s office has slapped her with a DUI, along with two other charges. While the Newark mayor probably would have probably physically stopped Morris’s car with his own body, before getting Morris to devote herself to a life of community service, Williams is well on his way to Booker status, given his well, active, presence on Twitter.

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