Assistant D.A. Charged in “Soap Opera” Case

Also, neighbors with Seth Williams!

Assistant D.A. Lynn Nichols, who works in the homicide division, has been charged with two crimes–obstruction of justice and false reporting of a crime–and has announced her resignation this morning, according to Fox 29.

Here’s what went down:

According to authorities, Nichols had been involved in a relationship with a boyfriend who owned a truck with his ex-girlfriend. When the ex-girlfriend reported it stolen, investigators allege that Nichols directed a police officer to take it off the stolen list. After things went south with her boyfriend, Nichols allegedly talked to the former girlfriend, admitted what she had done, had the truck towed back from New Jersey, but then there was a dispute over who would pay the $700 in towing charges…

And then the ex-girlfriend told on her. And then she got charged. And then she resigned. As Fox’s Steve Keeley put it:

For what it’s worth, according to public records, Nichols and Williams appear to be neighbors on the same street in Overbrook. The D.A.’s Office did not immediately return a request for comment confirming that Williams lives there. Not that we’re saying anything was up. We’re just saying.