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You Can Now Do Water Barre — Yes, Water Barre — in Rittenhouse 

Despite what you may think, frigid, windy winter weather does not mean water workouts are out of the question. First, Aqua Vida announced that they’d […]


Now Open: Res Ipsa Cafe

The all-day cafe is the new fast-casual. Or anyway, that’s certainly how it seems with the recent surge of these hybrid coffeshop/bar/restaurants we’ve seen around […]

Unite Fitness Announces Main Line Location
Be Well Philly

Unite Fitness to Open Rittenhouse Location — Drumroll, Please — This Week! 

Brace your muscles, people: Unite Fitness, the fitness studio known for its three-part workout that incorporates cardio intervals, functional training and yoga, just announced that […]

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Like Poolside Yoga, Free Stuff and Juice? If Yes, Read This

It’s official: Outdoor yoga season has pretty much come to a close. (I don’t know about you, but getting wind-whipped while doing Warrior II pose isn’t my […]

Target - Rittenhouse Square - 19th and Chestnut

A Tale of Two Targets

Colleen Hastings said she never saw someone more excited for the opening of the Target. It was last night. The girl must have been six […]


Wiz Kid: Rich Landau’s Fast-Casual Vegan Eatery

Rich Landau of Vedge and V Street fame touches base with an update on his fast-casual concept that he has plans to open next door […]


Post Brothers Remixes the Roosevelt Apartments

For decades, the Roosevelt Apartments at 23rd and Walnut streets has had a reputation as a decent, low-rent (for Rittenhouse) place to live with a […]


&pizza Makes Its Way from D.C to Rittenhouse

It’s only been a few weeks since HipCityVeg expanded to Washington D.C., and now Philly is about to welcome a D.C. export into Rittenhouse. &pizza […]


Audrey Claire Turns Twenty

In 1996, Audrey Claire Taichman opened Audrey Claire on 20th and Spruce. Taichman has expanded her reach since then, and now owns and operates two […]


Di Bruno Bros. to Host Cheese “Legends”

For one night, and one night only, get your fill of cheese-related knowledge at The Legends Series: World Tour. It’s just like a band’s world […]

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Work Out Your Mind: Wake Up Yoga Opening Rittenhouse Studio

Anyone who’s walked around Rittenhouse can tell you: There’s no shortage of yoga studios. So why did Wake Up Yoga owner Corina Benner decide to open […]


An Inside Peek at Rittenhouse’s Best New Gift Shop

A video posted by Shoppist (@shoppistphilly) on May 22, 2016 at 4:21pm PDT On Sunday, I had the privilege of getting a special peek of […]


Jawdropper of the Week: A Palatial Live/Work Space in Rittenhouse

Most of the intact townhomes around Rittenhouse Square remain residences, as they were designed to be. They also retain the elegant detailing that made them […]

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Unite Fitness Opening Rittenhouse Location 

Rittenhouse has gotten quite the influx of fitness studios this year — CKO Kickboxing, CorePower Yoga, RippedPHL, Joltin’ Jabs, and Orangetheory Fitness — and here’s […]

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Snap Kitchen’s Rittenhouse Location Is Officially Open! 

Blueberry chia pecan parfaits and quinoa fried rice, here you come: Snap Kitchen, the health-focused grab-and-go spot that opened its first two Philly locations in […]