You Can Now Do Water Barre — Yes, Water Barre — in Rittenhouse 

Who says winter means water workouts are out of the question?

Swimming pool with stair

Swimming pool with stair

Despite what you may think, frigid, windy winter weather does not mean water workouts are out of the question. First, Aqua Vida announced that they’d be taking their SUP fitness classes indoors again this winter, and now, the Rittenhouse Spa and Club has added water barre — yes, as in barre done underwater in a pool — to their lineup of classes.

If you’re wondering, Um, but where’s the ballet bar in this whole pool equation? there isn’t one. The side of the pool stands in as a bar. Otherwise the class mirrors a regular ol’ barre class. Think: A low-impact workout that zones in on your core, arms, hips and thighs, with movements that start small and grow larger throughout class.

Classes are free for members and $20 for drop-ins, and the recommended uniform is a bathing suit you’d feel okay swimming laps in. (Think: probably not a string bikini.) You can see the schedule for classes here.

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