Revel to Shut Down on September 10th

Revel Casino Hotel, the glittering Vegas-like casino that was supposed to revitalize Atlantic City’s casino industry, announced today it has failed to find a buyer […]

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Report: No Qualified Bids for Revel

NBC 10 reports that no qualified bidders have emerged to purchase the Revel Casino in Atlantic City. That raises the possibility the troubled casino will […]

Revel — which tried to be a casino that wasn't really a casino by banning smoking and focusing on entertainment that didn't involve slots — is for sale. While the building is certainly gorgeous, it's also been a dismal failure. It opened in 2012 and filed for bankruptcy 10 months later. If it sells, that selling price will be an indication of Atlantic City's gambling market, which right now is about as healthy as smokers chained to slot machines at Revel right now. (They dropped the non-smoking policy in 2013, natch.) The Atlantic Club, formerly the Atlantic City Hilton, sold for a paltry $23.4 million to a Caesars/Tropicana partnership (in comparison: the Sands sold for $250 million in 2006). The Atlantic Club is no longer operating, and just last week Caesars, which is the dominant casino company in Atlantic City, said it might start shutting down properties. So don't expect the Revel number to be a blockbuster.
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Revel Delays Bankruptcy Auction

Today was supposed to settle the Revel Casino‘s future, but no longer: The bankruptcy auction planned to take place in a New York attorney’s office […]


What Revel and Neverland Have In Common

Today is the last day to put in your bid to buy Revel, Atlantic City’s doomed casino, so fire up that land line. As for […]


Atlantic City Mayor: ‘Half-Dozen’ Buyers Interested in Revel Casino

One of Atlantic City’s endangered casinos might have a future after all. Don Guardian, the awesomely named mayor of AC, says there are six potential […]


Revel Says It Will Close If It Can’t Find a Buyer

Revel Casino Hotel, the struggling $2.4 billion Atlantic City resort, told employees it could close this year if it doesn’t find a buyer in bankruptcy […]

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SHOW OFF: The Avett Brothers vs. Ray LaMontagne

Tomorrow night, two of the biggest names in beards and folk music will be playing in the area. Unfortunately, you can’t see both, so we pit […]

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The Five Jersey Shore Stories of the Summer

Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means the start of what will hopefully be another sunny summer at the Jersey Shore. For the […]

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VIDEO: Ray Rice Drags Fiancee Out of Revel Casino Elevator in Atlantic City

Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice and his fiancee were arrested for assault after an altercation at Revel Casino in Atlantic City last weekend. Below, a […]

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Revel Sued Over Summer Refund Promotion

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Atlantic City’s newest ailing gambling palace, someone throws a lawsuit. One New York couple is suing […]


Atlantic City Roundup: What’s New In A.C.?

For those of you already looking in the direction of the Shore, we’ve got a few new things happening in and around Atlantic City. First, […]

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Revel Decides to Be a Casino Instead of Pretend It’s Not a Casino. Plus: South Kensington Thrives

• Revel Casino Offers Loss-Rebate Promotion As It Attempts To Rebuild Customer Base [CBS 3] • Revel’s new marketing approach: Target the gambler [] • […]

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Of Course Amanda Bynes Took her Bizarre Act to Revel

Two trainwrecks, united at last: Consistently “erratic” erstwhile tween star Amanda Bynes and bankrupt casino Revel. Continuing her bizarre streak over the weekend, the former […]

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Model Says She Cheated With Kanye at the Revel

Gawker picks up the story of 24-year-old Leyla Ghobadi, who claims Kanye West seduced her at the Revel—even though his girlfriend Kim Kardashian had showed up at […]

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50 People Got Stuck in Revel’s Elevators This Weekend

Just when you thought Revel couldn’t be any more of a disaster: Fifty people trapped in two stuck elevators at Revel early Sunday morning were […]