SHOW OFF: The Avett Brothers vs. Ray LaMontagne

Tomorrow night, two of the biggest names in beards and folk music will be playing in the area. Unfortunately, you can’t see both, so we pit them against each other to see which group is most worth your dollars this time around. 

The Avett Brothers and Ray LaMontagne

The Avett Brothers and Ray LaMontagne

THE AVETT BROTHERS Led by brothers Scott and Seth Avett, these North Carolina boys have fun and put on a hell of a show. They have been known to rock their banjos and guitars so hard while jamming that they break strings. Not only do they have a Grammy nod under their belt, but they held their own in a folk-tastic live performance with Mumford and Sons and Bob Dylan. These guys are the real deal and are sure to hold nothing back this Saturday. Check out their new single “Morning Song” here. Saturday, 8 p.m., Revel Ovation Hall, 500 Boardwalk. 


RAY LAMONTAGNE Ray LaMontagne’s voice has a soulfulness to it that’s from another time. A Grammy winner, LaMontagne looks like the jean-jacket-wearing country boy you might see at an open-mic night. The guy has an earnest love of music-making that is contagious. Get a glimpse into the heart of this New Hampshire native Saturday just across the river. The self-titled single from LaMontagne’s newest album can be heard here. Saturday, 8 p.m., Susquehanna Bank Center1 Harbour Boulevard. 


Go see the Avett Brothers. Just click through the countless fan videos posted on YouTube to see their jam-heavy live shows. From basement concerts to sold out arenas, their energy is incredible. Nothing against LaMontagne, but the full-fledged folk-rock antics of the Avett Brothers will make for a more-entertaining evening.