Revel Sued Over Summer Refund Promotion

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Atlantic City’s newest ailing gambling palace, someone throws a lawsuit. One New York couple is suing the casino, saying that their slots promotion from this past summer was a misleading scam:

Nicholas and Margaret Peragine of Lake Grove, on Long Island, sued in federal court in Newark Thursday.

The lawsuit claims the promotion was misleading when it promised gamblers who lost more than $100 playing slots at Revel during July would get their money back.

As the degenerate gamblers among us will remember, Revel said that they’d refund gambling losses at slot machine, only to then refund a maximum of 5 percent of those losses. That percentage, additionally, only came back for a period of one week, forcing gamblers to return that week or lose their refund. Chalk that up to “virtually unreadable” fine print.

The lawsuit, though? Just a couple of sore losers. [Newsworks]