50 People Got Stuck in Revel’s Elevators This Weekend

Just when you thought Revel couldn’t be any more of a disaster:

Fifty people trapped in two stuck elevators at Revel early Sunday morning were rescued by Atlantic City firefighters who guided casino patrons up ladders and through dark elevator shafts to safety.

The first call came around 1:30 a.m., after which 22 Revelers had to be strapped to safety harnesses and guided up a 35-foot-ladder through a pitch-black elevator shaft. Said Atlantic City’s fire chief:

I’m sure a lot of the people weren’t crazy about climbing up a dark ladder in an elevator, and not in a nice environment with all those cables and grease. They were probably scared if the elevator moves. They were probably a nervous wreck.

But the party never stops at Revel, so here’s what happened next:

Shortly after the first rescue, authorities were called to another elevator near the HQ Nightclub for 28 people stuck between the second and fourth floors, he said.

The rescue missions, during which no one was hurt, lasted a couple hours in total. By Carnival cruise standards, that’s actually not bad. [Press of Atlantic City]