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Please Touch Museum

the kimmel center, which received $10 million in SVOG funding from the federal government, the largest philadelphia SVOG payment
City Life

Here’s How Much Philly Arts Venues Received of $6.8 Billion in COVID-Relief Grants

For many months during COVID, it was tough to rely on the restaurant industry for income, as countless articles and TV news segments have documented. […]

please touch museum mascot squiggles gritty
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We Still Don’t Know What the Heck the Please Touch Museum’s New Mascot Is

Last time we wrote about the Please Touch Museum’s new mascot, we asked readers: “Who’s Got the Worst Mascot: The Flyers or the Please Touch Museum?” […]

mascot gritty flyers mascots
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Who’s Got the Worst Mascot: The Flyers or the Please Touch Museum?

When the Flyers unveiled their new mascot on Monday morning, Philadelphia collectively shrieked — and for most of us, these were yelps of terror. Join us in welcoming […]

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Drag Queens at Please Touch Museum Have Some Parents Outraged

The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia isn’t exactly the kind of place where you’d expect to find a lot of drama brewing. After all, the […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Experience One of Philly’s Most Unique Wedding Venues at this Please Touch Museum Open House

We know, we know — it can be really tough to narrow down your wedding venue search, especially when Philadelphia is filled with so many […]


The Please Touch Museum Is Out of Bankruptcy

The Please Touch Museum’s 2008 move to Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park did not work out as planned. Revenue from admissions did not reach projected […]

Memorial Hall dome before and after
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140-Year-Old Leak in Memorial Hall Dome Finally Fixed

The City of Philadelphia has finally fixed a 140-year-old problem. After a nine-month repair job, the dome at Memorial Hall has been restored. A chronic […]


Please Touch Gets $3.25 Million Donation, CEO Stepping Down

Today, the Please Touch Museum took a big step toward getting out of debt and emerging from bankruptcy — but also announced that its CEO will […]


After Bankruptcy, Please Touch Gets $1.25 Million in Donations

The Please Touch Museum has received two donations totaling $1.25 million — which will go a long way toward helping the facility meet its ambitious […]

Please Touch Museum - SEPTA bus

Please Touch CEO on Getting Out of Debt and Into Bankruptcy

After two long years, Lynn McMaster couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief last night. The Please Touch Museum, where McMaster serves as CEO, […]


Please Touch Museum Files Bankruptcy, Settles Long Dispute with Bondholders

The Please Touch Museum has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and has settled a long dispute with its bondholders. The bondholders are getting $11 […]

Things to Do

Some Star Wars Fans Are Angry at the Please Touch Museum

On August 23rd, the Please Touch Museum is holding a Star Wars event. Today, the museum noted on its Facebook page that the Star Wars […]

Things to Do

Star Wars Day Coming to Please Touch Museum

The force will get a little stronger in Philadelphia when the Please Touch Museum celebrates all things Star Wars on Sunday, August 23. Journey on […]

City Life

Hands Off the Please Touch

The Please Touch Museum isn’t just another Philadelphia landmark on the mandatory class-trip agenda. For kids seven and under, it’s the exact opposite of a […]

The Scene

Please Touch Museum’s Storybook Ball

The Please Touch Museum held its annual Storybook Ball on Saturday April 25th to benefit the museum’s literacy programming for young children. Families were encouraged to dress […]