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Can Kenney Help Make White-Dominated Building Trades More Diverse?

In an interview on 900AM-WURD Tuesday, Mayor Jim Kenney said he plans to ensure that at least 45 percent of workers on city-funded construction projects are African-American. Kenney made the pledge in […]

City Life

Union Protest, 3 Inflatable Rats Close Down Spruce Street

A protest by scores of building trades union members closed down Spruce Street during the morning rush hour on Friday. The protesters were outside the […]


7 Big Shots on Jim Kenney’s Speech

Brand-spanking-new Mayor Jim Kenney delivered a concise and warm inaugural speech on Monday, which praised police officers and the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as longtime Philadelphians and recent transplants, […]


Dougherty, Dems Win Supreme Court Race

With two-thirds of districts reporting Tuesday night, it appeared that the three open seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would each be captured by Democrats. […]

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WATCH: Koch-Connected Group Attacks Kevin Dougherty

Somebody really doesn’t want Kevin Dougherty to take a seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court: The above ad is sponsored by the Republican State Leadership […]

The Scene

Mark Segal’s Book-Signing

Wednesday night a room full of movers and shakers gathered at the Independence Visitor Center to pay tribute to a national LGBT trailblazer, Mark Segal, […]

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Johnny Doc’s Union Asks Homeland Security to Investigate NBC10

In order to cover the World Meeting of Families events in Philadelphia last week, including the various appearances by Pope Francis himself, members of the […]

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Local 98 Picketer Charged in Incident at NBC10 Studio

Last week, Local 98 union head John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty told Philadelphia magazine that two union members were “assaulted” by cars on the picket line […]


Johnny Doc Scores Papal Mass Tickets for Adorable San Diego Family

Follow Philadelphia magazine’s live coverage of Pope Francis’s historic visit all weekend long. On Thursday, we told you about the Mirandas, a San Diego family […]

City Life

NBC10 Strike: John Dougherty Says Two Union Members Hit By Cars on Picket Line

Follow Philadelphia magazine’s live coverage of Pope Francis’s historic visit all weekend long.   While most of the local news stations in Philadelphia are already […]


John Dougherty Just Got Even More Powerful

We didn’t know this was possible: John Dougherty, head of the city’s mighty electricians union, which has risen to become the single largest independent campaign contributor in Pennsylvania, just gained […]


Johnny Doc Won the Mayor’s Race, Says Former Candidate Nelson Diaz

Former Democratic mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz has a fascinating interview with Sabrina Vourvoulias at Al Dia. Read her story here. The most immediately newsworthy bits […]


How Johnny Doc Almost Took Out Maria Quiñones-Sánchez

How in the world did an allegedly gay-hating, voter ID-loving racist who no one has ever heard of nearly beat an incumbent Democratic Councilwoman who […]


The Brief: Millennials Didn’t Vote This Year, Like At All

1. Voter turnout among millennials was abysmal in the mayoral election. The gist: Only 12 percent of registered voters between the ages of 18 and 34 cast a ballot […]


Will Jim Kenney and Council Play Nice?

The next mayor of Philadelphia is going to face massive challenges: A horribly underfunded pension system, a poverty rate higher than that of any other […]