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13 Biggest Winners and Losers in Tuesday’s Election

There were the obvious winners and losers in Tuesday’s election. In the mayoral race, Jim Kenney eviscerated the competition, while Anthony Williams lost by a downright embarrassing margin. […]


The Single Weirdest Campaign Donation in the Philly Mayor’s Race

A strange thing happened last week. Campaign finance reports revealed that an Edison, N.J-based group called the “Carpenters’ Fund for Growth and Prosperity” donated $750,000 this spring to a […]


The Brief: Why the “Philly Is Baltimore” Protest Was Mostly Peaceful

1. The “Philly Is Baltimore” Protest Was “Tensely Peaceful,” and That’s a Good Thing The Gist: After riots and looting broke out this week in Baltimore in the wake of […]


Tony Williams: It’s Time to Talk About Johnny Doc’s “Dark Money”

Is the press unfairly scrutinizing state Sen. Anthony Williams’ financial supporters in the Philadelphia mayoral race, while virtually ignoring former City Councilman Jim Kenney’s backer John “Johnny Doc” […]


The Brief: Johnny Doc’s Giant Helping Hand to His Supreme Court Candidate Brother Kevin Dougherty

1. Kevin Dougherty—Johnny Doc’s Brother—Is Amassing a Huge Warchest for His Supreme Court Campaign. Want to Guess Where a Lot of That Money Comes From? […]


The Brief: Why Have City Dems Endorsed a Council Candidate Whose Facebook Page Compared Gay Men to Flatworms?

María Quiñones-Sánchez is one of the more consequential members of Philadelphia’s City Council. She was the driving force behind the new land bank. She’s gotten […]

Willie Brown

The Brief: Anthony Williams Scores Another Union Endorsement

SEPTA’s Transport Workers Union Local 234 announced Thursday it is endorsing state Sen. Anthony Williams for mayor. “Throughout his career, Tony Williams has dedicated himself to fighting […]


Are Jim Kenney and John Dougherty About to Join Forces?

The mayor’s race grew a hell of a lot more interesting over the last 48 hours.


Why John Dougherty Won’t Get to Pick Our Next Mayor

A year ago, it looked like labor unions might just pick Philadelphia’s next mayor. Led by influential electricians union chief John Dougherty, labor leaders across […]

City Life

Meet the New Doc. Same as the Old Doc?

I’m searching for the good Johnny Doc, the one he wants me to find. The new one. And here he is, in plain sight, on […]

City Life

Labor Leaders Contemplated Citywide Strike to Protest SRC

The School Reform Commission’s decision to unilaterally end its contract with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers nearly caused a shutdown of the entire city, the […]

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East Market Project Gets Infusion of Funds

Gov. Tom Corbett has just given the East Market project a $2.5 million shot in the arm, bringing the total state monies invested so far […]


Judges: Johnny Doc’s Videotaped Deposition Will Not Be Sealed

IBEW Local 98 business manager John Dougherty is suing current Inquirer reporter Karen Heller over a column she wrote in 2009. Heller did get the […]

City Life

Court Tosses Johnny Doc’s Malpractice Suit

A Philadelphia court has dismissed a malpractice suit brought by union leader John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty against the law firm that formerly represented him, Pepper […]

City Life

Lawyers Identify Johnny Doc’s “Anonymous” Commenter

Electrical union boss John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty is suing “anonymous” commenter “FBPDPLT” for calling him a “pedophile” in a 2012 comment, and back in […]