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Reason #4,569 to Visit Rescue: They Now Offer Hair Services

Rescue first found its way into our hearts with their facials (swoon) and massages, but now the skincare haven is taking the plunge into hair services.

How to Style Short Hair

5 Tricks for Styling Short Hair

Confession: I am hair-challenged. Like, can’t-blow-dry-my-own-hair kind of challenged. So when I had long hair, I ran to the beauty gurus of the Internet with […]


Learn It! The Best Hairstyling Tutorials on the Web Now

When giant ballerina buns were trending last year, I poured over Youtube videos and picture tutorials trying to emulate the look. And you know what? […]


You Need The Hair App Of The Future: MyKlipsPics

We’ve all tried them: corny websites that let you virtually “try on” celebrity ‘dos. It’s like the paper dolls of hairstyles. Anyway, they never look […]

City Life

City of Hope Fantasy Hair Competition Raises Money for HIV

Frizzing combs and hair spray will be flying all over the place at Voyeur Saturday night when City of Hope hosts its annual Fantasy Hair […]

City Life

Shop Talk With Andre Richard Baldini

For the past five years, Andre Richard Baldini has been operating the Andre Richard Salon on Locust Street in the heart of the Gayborhood. As his […]