Reason #4,569 to Visit Rescue: They Now Offer Hair Services

It's like a one-stop shop for all things pampering.

Rescue first found its way into our hearts with their facials (swoon) and massages, but now the skincare haven is taking the plunge into hair services.

The salon has hired two seasoned stylists, Patty and Erica, who—between the two of them—have nearly 40 years of combined hair experience. Patty specializes in classic French-style haircutting and color; Erica is a pro at cuts and colors and can also guide you to the must-use hair products you need. Speaking of products: Rescue is now stocking tricky-to-find cult favorites by the likes of Okara and Phytojoba. Haircuts will start at $85. Now with some crafty appointment scheduling, you can leave Rescue buffed, plucked, polished and with a head of swishy, envy-enducing hair. It almost doesn’t seem fair.