You Need The Hair App Of The Future: MyKlipsPics

Could bad haircuts be a thing of the past?

We’ve all tried them: corny websites that let you virtually “try on” celebrity ‘dos. It’s like the paper dolls of hairstyles. Anyway, they never look quite right: The hairstyles always seem weirdly overwhelming, and we certainly aren’t taking the images to the salon.

This is where MyKlipsPics comes in. It’s kind of like the futuristic and infinitely more helpful version of the above (yes, just ignore the cheesy name). The new app is slated to debut on February 19 and was founded by Drexel University senior entrepreneur major Skyler Logsdon. Basically, MyKlipsPics allows users to show their stylist photos of their desired haircut along with detailed notes and buzzwords to create the look. As a result, you can ditch explanations like, “I want it kind of, like, shaggy and layered, but not too layered. You know what I mean, right? RIGHT?” (Hint: They never know what you mean.)

Users will be able to upload photos of their hairstyles, record notes, enter their stylists’ names, and export photos to social media accounts (hello, selfies). New haircut photos will also be uploaded daily so users can change up their looks and stay up-to-date on trends. Now, if someone could tell us how to score Jane Herman Bishop’s pseudo-bob, we’d be in business.