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Guy Fieri


We’ve Entered the Guy-Fieri-Opening-Restaurants-in-Philly Circle of Hell

Guy Fieri opening a restaurant in Philly was always an inescapable reality, I’m afraid. Dude’s too prolific a restaurateur, opening over 60 restaurants in casinos […]


Donkey Sauce Is Just Aioli, and Other Things I Learned at Guy Fieri’s Philly Restaurant

Sometimes, celebrity chefs stab kettle cooked potato chips into half of a frozen, store-bought chocolate marbled cheesecake and call it art. Other times, they add six cheeses […]


A Review of Guy Fieri’s Chophouse

Caroline Russock, who seems to have the South Jersey steakhouse beat on lockdown, was lucky enough to be invited in to try Guy Fieri’s Chophouse […]


Fieri And Martorano: Donkey Sauce And DJs In Atlantic City

A few weeks ago, we heard Guy Fieri might be planting his flag in Atlantic City. The Press of Atlantic City speculated that it might be in the place of the old […]

City Life

Guy Fieri Is Coming to Atlantic City: Nucky Knuckle Sandwiches Anyone?

It’s official: Guy Fieri — shock top, blond Food Network host Guy Fieri — is opening a restaurant in Atlantic City. Guy Fieri’s Chophouse will open this […]


Guy Fieri Is Coming To Atlantic City? Perfect.

Hey! The crew over at Eater is reporting that Guy Fieri (yeah, that Guy Fieri) might be coming to Atlantic City to open a restaurant. […]


Geechee Girl Prepares for their Television Debut

Geechee Girl Rice Cafe was lucky enough to get itself featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network’s hit show hosted by Guy Fieri) and […]


Guy Fieri’s True Nature, Illuminated Through Parody

It’s been a big day. We’ve given away over $2,000 worth of free tickets to Philly Cooks in a crazy scavenger hunt (which isn’t quite […]


Guy Fieri Tracker: Fieri Shot at Six Locations in Philadelphia

Where’s the PPA when you need them? Here’s Guy Fieri on Germantown Avenue near Geechee Girl Rice Cafe. Fieri has been in town filming segments for Diners, […]


Food Network Thinks We’re So Cool, Does Own Top 50 Pizzas List

Obviously, the good people from the Food Network‘s online promotional juggernaut, foodnetwork.com, saw the results from our enormous pizza project, The Great Philadelphia Pizza Quest, […]


Guy Fieri in Town

We didn’t know so many of you would be so excited to know that Guy Fieri is in town today but we keep getting emails. […]