Food Network Thinks We’re So Cool, Does Own Top 50 Pizzas List

Obviously, the good people from the Food Network‘s online promotional juggernaut,, saw the results from our enormous pizza project, The Great Philadelphia Pizza Quest, and decided that it looked like so much fun, they’d do one of their own.

And sure, their version chooses just one pizza from each of the 50 states. But when it came time to choose a pie from Pennsylvania, who do you think they tapped as the best of the best?

That’s right: Jeff Michaud and Marc Vetri from Osteria. What’s more, they also singled out the one pizza that we chose for our Top 50 (and, more or less, as our city-wide perfect 10): the Parma, with its blistered crust, thin-sliced prosciutto, careful mix of mozzarella and fontina cheeses and impossibly peppery arugula.

So nice job, Food Network. It seems that we’ve finally found something we both can agree on.

Now if we could just come to some kind of understanding about this Guy Fieri nonsense

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