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Urban Outfitters Ends Controversial Employee Policy Amid Government Pressure

Urban Outfitters is the latest retailer to end the controversial policy of on-call scheduling — at least in New York state. Announcing the change on his […]

City Life

Ellen DeGeneres Teams Up With Gap to “Empower Girls Everywhere”

You may have seen Ellen DeGeneres’ face in the window of the Gap on Walnut Street and wondered what that was all about. Well, the […]


Gap Ending Controversial On-Call Shifts

Doctors should be on call. Psychologists with suicidal patients should be on call. But retail workers? Not so much. Still, Gap Inc. and other retailers have forced employees to be […]


BizFeed: Companies Can Fire Over Medical Marijuana Use, Court Says

Court: Worker Can Be Fired for Medical Pot Use The News: The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that companies have the right to terminate employees that […]

City Life

Five Fabulous Gay Fall Fashion Finds for $70 Or Less (Gals Edition)

Last Friday, we featured five great fashion-forward Fall clothing picks for guys at a price point of $70 or less. Today, it’s the ladies’ turn. […]

City Life

PHOTOS: Nate Berkus and Fiance Jeremiah Brent Look Fine in New Banana Republic Ads

Just when we need a little positive news after the dreadful stories coming out of Arizona and Uganda, leave it to über-gay retailer Banana Republic […]

reisman pretzel house

Here’s a Twist: Two Pretzel Homes Go on the Market Simultaneously

Reisman’s Pretzel Company — the “Toast of Philadelphia,” the “Twist of Quality” — was founded in 1917 in South Philadelphia, though it later moved its […]