Eight Charged With Selling Heroin Near Kensington School, Playground

Just weeks after the Drug Enforcement Administration released a report claiming that heroin availability is up in Philadelphia when it’s down in most other parts […]


Philly’s Drug Problems Are Probably Bigger Than You Think

The Washington, D.C.-based Drug Enforcement Administration has released its 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary, and Philadelphia doesn’t exactly come out looking like the Next […]


“Heroin Antidote” Nasal Spray Gets FDA Approval

Heroin usage has reached epidemic proportions in the United States — and families in Philadelphia have certainly been feeling its wrath. In fact, deaths nationally […]


Cops Post Drug Flier as Facebook Joke, Public Responds With Actual Leads

Earlier this week, the Woolwich Township Police Department in South Jersey posted this flier on its Facebook page, just having a bit of fun. But […]


383 Pounds of Cocaine Found in Shipment of Decorative Gourds

Today is the first day of fall. So what better time for the Department of Homeland Security to unveil a recent seizure: About 383 pounds […]


Philly, Camden to Receive Fed Heroin Funds

Philadelphia and Camden are, jointly, one of five metropolitian areas in the United States receiving federal money to fight heroin abuse, the New York Times […]


Police Made 68 Drug Arrests in One Neighborhood in Two Days

Most drug users in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs know that one of the best places to score dope in the Philadelphia area is in […]


Feds Bring New Charges Against Alleged “Pill Mill” Doctor

Dr. William O’Brien III didn’t just run a “pill mill” out of his office, federal prosecutors said Thursday. His prescriptions allegedly led to the death […]


You Are More Likely to Die from a Drug Overdose Than a Car Accident in PA

Washington D.C.-based organization Trust for America’s Health has released a new study that indicates that Pennsylvanians are more likely to die from a drug overdose […]


Pennsylvania Has Some of the Most Expensive Weed in the U.S.

If you want to smoke up in Pennsylvania, it’s going to cost you. I mean, obviously. Drugs aren’t free. But according to a recent report […]


Where to Send Your Kid to College If He Does Drugs

So let’s say your son is a good kid, a nice kid, smart, nailed his SATs, but he does have this troublesome … habit. He […]


Philadelphia Doctor, Receptionist Charged in Pill Mill Scheme

Prosecutors today announced the indictment of two Philadelphians, a doctor and a clinic receptionist, for running a “pill mill” scheme out of offices in Philly […]


Proposal: Test Pa. Legislature for Drugs

State Rep. John Lawrence of Chester County is proposing that all of his colleagues in the Pennsylvania General Assembly be tested for drug use. “I […]


Cherry Hill Cops Find 250 Pounds of Pot

Cherry Hill Police today announced a drug bust where police seized 250 pounds of marijuana from a truck and a storage unit. Police said narc […]

Septa regional rail train

SEPTA Sues Drug Maker Over $1,000-a-Pill Hep C Drug

SEPTA has sued the drugmaker Gilead over the price of its Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, which costs about $1,000 a pill — or $84,000 for […]