Constitution Center


OPINION: Four Better Takeaways From John McCain’s Liberty Medal Speech

Newest Liberty Medal recipient Sen. John McCain set the country ablaze Monday night with his not-so-thinly veiled criticism of President Donald Trump and his supporters […]


The Constitution Center: The Museum No One Cares About

When was the last time you were excited about the Constitution Center — the 160,000-square-foot behemoth of a tourist attraction on Independence Mall? We asked […]


Rep. John Lewis to Receive Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal

Congressman John Lewis will receive the 2016 Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center in September. The announcement, made yesterday, said that Lewis will be […]


15 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Philadelphia

“200 Years of African American Art” Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) kicked off 2015 by pulling from its holdings 75 pieces of artwork by African American artists. […]


Springsteen Show Leads to Budget, Staff Cuts at Constitution Center

Maybe The Boss isn’t as popular as everybody thought. On Wednesday, the Constitution Center announced budget and staff cuts thanks, in part, to the Bruce […]


Happy 225th Birthday, Constitution!

On September 17, 1787, the United States of America officially adopted the Constitution as a replacement for the Articles of Confederation. To celebrate the 225th […]


David Eisner Steps Down as President and CEO of Constitution Center

On Friday, David Eisner announced that, effective October 31st, he will step down from his post as the president and CEO of the oh-so-exciting National […]


National Constitution Center Honors Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali will receive the 2012 Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center as a part of a ceremony to honor the 225th anniversary of […]