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Mayor Nutter Vetoes Parking Surcharge, Finnigan’s Wake Expansion

Mayor Nutter has vetoed a bill that would have allowed Finnigan’s Wake—the NoLibs joint owned by Democratic committeeman Mike Driscoll—to expand. The proposal would have […]

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Curtis Jones Rode a Pedicab, Dodged Protestors at the DNC

Last week, several notable Philadelphians were in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention. Among them was second-term City Councilman and Council majority leader Curtis Jones, […]

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I’ll Take Philadelphia Politics Over National Politics

I am generally a guy who focuses on Philadelphia matters, but with presidential politics and party conventions dominating all manner of media, it’s hard not […]

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City Council Plans Rare Summer Hearing on Rec Center Violence

At 9 a.m. on Thursday, members of Philadelphia’s City Council will convene for a rare summer hearing. They’ll meet in Council chambers to discuss the […]

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Rumors Fly in City Hall’s Interim Mayor Situation

It was another difficult spring in Philadelphia for Mayor Michael Nutter: rising homicide rates, a recalcitrant City Council, the schools in disarray.

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Bloggers Want Philly to Ditch Plastic Bags

The folks behind Green Philly Blog have dedicated their Thursday to drawing attention to the issue of plastic bags in Philadelphia. Three years ago, a […]

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Councilman Jim Kenney Sent a Strongly Worded Letter to Chick-Fil-A

In case you were wondering, Councilman Jim Kenney drafted a strongly worded letter to inform Chick-Fil-A of his intention to purchase his chicken nuggets elsewhere. […]

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Mayor Nutter Hasn’t Given Up on His Soda Tax

In 2010—and 2011—Mayor Nutter tried and failed to have a tax on soda implemented in Philly. Despite his two unsuccessful attempts, he hasn’t given up […]

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City Council President Darrell Clarke Is Donating His Raise to the Obama Campaign

Mayor Michael Nutter and a number of city officials are set to receive automatic pay increases. Of the officials up for the pay bump, six […]

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City Council Staffer Charged With Stealing $25,000 From Elderly Woman

A City Council staffer—who makes $60,000 a year to put together commendations and declarations for the Council—was arrested on Tuesday and charged with stealing $25,000 […]

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Will a PAC Pick Philly’s Next Mayor?

The pro-privatization Students First PAC has been a huge player in state politics from the moment it emerged in 2010 flush with cash, much of […]

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City Council Officially Passes $3.6 Billion Budget

Philadelphia’s City Council voted to officially pass the proposed $3.6 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The bill that raised property taxes 3.6 percent—and […]


Finnigan’s Wake Gets All Borg Like

Despite objections from the City Planning Commission, Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association and Philadelphians with Couth (we made that up, though we’d totally join), Finnigan’s Wake is indeed […]

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Mayor Nutter Might Get More Control Over Who Runs the PHA

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will vote on a bill that—if passed—would give Mayor Nutter more control over who is named to the […]

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Philadelphia Has the Best Legislative Body in the Free World

Former Philadelphia Mayor Bill Green once called Philadelphia City Council “the worst legislative body in the free world.” But, by insisting that we only move […]