City Council to Decide if Your Waitress Will Keep Sneezing on Your Salad

Remember the sick-leave bill that City Council considered last year? It’s not actually dead. Instead, like a waiter with a 100-degree fever and a runny nose, it’s up and stumbling around, trying to be productive.Councilman Bill Greenlee now says he’ll reintroduce the the bill, which would require small businesses that have at least six employees to offer paid sick days to their workers. Restaurant owners say such a law will reduce their hiring and force new businesses to reconsider locating here, but Greenlee is skeptical: “We would not be supporting something if we thought it would drive businesses out of the city, because it takes those jobs out for the employees we’re trying to help … it would be kind of nonsensical,” he said. A recent survey suggested that two-thirds of Philadelphia restaurant workers have worked while sick. Would you like your cheesesteak wit or witout phlegm? [Philadelphia Weekly]